Learn what Google Maps API and Android location API are and how to implement them together in an Android Application.

Step by step tutorial on how to connect Android with PHP and MySQL using JSON RESTful Web Service. We will use a free web hosting platform to setup the server. Reasons to connect Android with PHP...

Image Slider with Swipe Gesture Android Tutorial. We will use ViewPager to develop image slider. ViewPager allows the user to swipe a page left and right.

Fragment represents a particular part of a user interface. We will create Fragments followed by adding them to Android Activity.

We use ScrollView to make scrollable LinearLayout. LinearLayout makes view-items appear either horizontally or vertically.

Android framework provides classes like LinearLayout and RelativeLayout, which provides its constructor and some commonly used methods to build dynamic layouts.

Article to learn to create Android ListView with Checkbox. Here we will use CheckedTextView which is a view with 'checkbox' and 'textview'. You will be able to slelect multiple items of Listview.

SQLite helps to store structured data in a private database. To handle database related tasks we use a subclass of SQLiteOpenHelper.

Android Example to load image from URL using AsynchTask. We implement background task to load image from URL in android. Then we get the image as a bitmap. Finally we load that image to our imageView.

Tutorial to learn about custom adapters in android. Adapter helps to convert data source into view items. We can build our custom adapters to include images and texts. We can use these custom adapters to build listview in android.

Here you will learn to communicate between fragments in Android. In this tutorial we will implement two fragments and then make them communicate with each other. We will create an interface which will help us to communicate.

Tutorial to add custom sound to notification in Android. To add a custom sound we need to find the Uri of the sound on device.

Android Content Providers Tutorial with Example. We will make an android application to add, view, delete and modify the contacts available on our phone.

This article presents an Android AsynchTask Example. We can perform background processing using AsynchTask.

Tutorial to learn Multicolumn ListView in Android. This tutorial presents an example to build multicolumn listview in which we create a SimpleAdapter. For each column we need to add a string value which is a key in our hashmap.

Android tutorial to learn background processing using Handlers. Handler class gets associated with the main thread and provides communication with other threads. This tutorial presents an example where we build count-down timer using handlers in android.

Introduction to background processing in Android using threads. This tutorial presents two different ways to implement background processing in android. When main thread has too many work to do then sometimes it becomes unresponsive. So we need another thread.

In this tutorial you will learn to get selected items from listview with checkbox in android. For listening to the click events we need to add OnItemClickListener then we will fetch the views which were clicked.

Here you will learn to create notifications in android with the help of an example. We can create notification using NotificationManager system service.

Tutorial to learn Android Services with an Example. Service is an application component which can be used to perform a long running task in the background.

Article about Event Handling in Android. In this tutorial we will add event handling to buttons. We will create a subclass of Activity and make it implement an interface called OnClickListener.

Article to learn Android Intent with the help of Example. We can start components with the help of Intent. Android Intents are also used as a message passing objects to pass data between components.

This Android Tutorial presents an example to add event handling in listview. Here we will learn to make view-items of our listview clickable. To make our view-items clickable we need to implement an interface called OnItemClickListener.

Introduction to Listview in Andorid with the help of an Example. ListView is a view group that displays a list of scrollable items. To implement a ListView we need to create a layout of a listview. Then we create layout for view-item to place inside listview followed by an adapter.

Introduction to Android Activities. Activity represents a single screen with a user interface. Here you will learn to use Activity lifecycle callback methods. Android Application can have multiple screens which are represented with the help of an activity.