Step by step tutorial on how to connect Android with PHP and MySQL using JSON RESTful Web Service. We will use a free web hosting platform to setup the server. Reasons to connect Android with PHP...

This is the first part of CSS template design tutorial. Here you will learn to design two column layout using CSS. Our CSS template includes one header, two columns and one footer. We are using <div> tag to design the layout.

Tutorial to learn heap sort in C. In heap sort, we create a heap. Heap is a type of binary tree and there are two types of heap. First is Max Heap and second is Min Heap. This tutorial shows you to build min max heap.

Step by Step demonstration of Insertion sort in C. In insertion sort we insert a particular element at appropriate position. We start with the 1st element and then compare it with the 0th element and so on. At the end of this tutorial you will see a C program for insertion sort.

Step by step demonstration of Quick Sort using C programming. Idea behind Quick sort is that it is faster and easier to sort two small arrays than one large array. In quick sort, we keep elements smaller than pivot on left side and the elements which are larger than the pivot on right side.

Article to learn selection sort in c. Here you will learn selection sort which is an internal sorting method. In selection sort in 1st iteration we compare 1st element with all other elements so we get smallest element at first.

Article to explain bubble sort in C. Here we will arrange elements in ascending order using bubble sort. In bubble sort, On first iteration we get the largest element bubbled up. Time complexity of bubble sort is O(n^2).

Article to learn to create binary tree in C using linked list. Idea is to develop a structure to store node data and then link each node by developing linked list. In this tutorial you will create a new node and then add it to binary tree.

Tutorial to build Queue in C using linked list. Queue works on FIFO principle which stands for FIRST IN LAST OUT. Here you will learn to add and remove elements which is known as enqueue and dequeue operations respectively . We will also learn to display elements of queue using C.

Tutorial to build Stack in C using linked list. Stack works on LIFO principle which stands for LAST IN FIRST OUT.

Article about Linked List in C. Here we will learn to build linked list using structures in C. Linked list is a data structure which is used to store similar type of data in memory. Unlike an array, linked list can grow as well as shrink dynamically.

All about structures in C programming. This article teaches you to build structure in C from scratch. You will learn to access the structure using two ways. First is by dot operator and second is by using pointers. Structure is a data type which we create by combining other datatypes.

Tutorial to teach you to fetch data from password protected web page. You will learn to use PHP curl sessions. On entering a user-name and a password, the server checks the validity of the user-name and password. If the information is valid, the server then starts the session.

This Tutorial presents a way to scrap web page data using PHP and CURL. You will see an example in which web scrapping is done on Google search results to get top five URL related to certain keywords.

Introduction to CURL in PHP. CURL stands for Client URL which is a tool for transferring data. CURL can be used for web-crawling, data-mining, proxy server building and for making automated script for form submission.